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How long has Ubuntu been a part of my digital Life?

I remember Warty Warthog like it was yesterday…

I discovered this organization that was not only hosting a forum for all the fellow Linux heads to sift through and troubleshoot the vast hardware installations were getting put on.

Free bootable discs in the mail

Now memory is not clear on if it was Shipit the entire time, but I recall between 2004 and 2008 getting a box of 50 Discs, cost was Nothing. I was amazed, thrilled, and kind of dumbfounded as to what I would do next.

Linux for human beings

I used to hand these things out as a young teen to people all over town, standing in line at the grocery store, bus-stop, etc. But I also made sure there was always a stack in the computer-lab. Showing others how to boot in the live environment and play around with Linux.

Linux at home

I think I’ll always have an Ubuntu server running in the house. It’s my place of comfort. It used to be the community I was able to tap into the get my machine back to booting before Dad woke up and I had to explain how I just needed to swap some jumpers and it’ll boot! (Probably) Now I think it’s mostly consistency. Just a few months ago I did an upgrade from 14.04 to current, and it was mostly just uneventful.

Not the typical Linux experience from 2008 I’ll tell you!

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